11/06/2021 by Kvaser

Air Bridge Light HS M12 release & firmware update

kvaser_Airbridge scaled

Introduced to support the new Air Bridge M12 connector, the R21A firmware version matches the Air Bridge M12’s robust connection with changes to Air Bridge’s modulation and signal timing that make its wireless performance more robust too, with:

  •       Increased immunity to interference
  •       Enhanced coexistence mechanisms to increase the co-location capacity of AB pairs

Changes to Air Bridge’s spectrum result in an evenly distributed use of frequencies, which reduces the risk of message collisions and makes the units even less susceptible to interference from other sources, such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Multiple Kvaser Air Bridge pairs operate more effectively in the same space. Orthogonal signal modulation and an in-built hierarchy enable a cluster of AB pairs to self-organise and coordinate autonomously so that they don’t interfere with each other*.


*Although the frequency hopping scheme is designed to coexist with earlier firmware versions, we recommend that the latest firmware is used in scenarios where multiple Air Bridges are used. Please contact your sales representative if you encounter colocation difficulties and you have Kvaser Air Bridge units that were purchased before 1/6/2021.