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Agrimechatronics teaching facility relies on Kvaser CAN products in the classroom and the field

The Chair of Agrimechatronics at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) is the leading teaching and research centre in agrimechatronics. They use a suite of Kvaser products and software to teach undergraduates and PhD students, as well as support research and development of practical applications for cutting-edge technology.Read More

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FESB Racing harnesses the power of Kvaser Air Bridge and U100 CAN interface for data-driven success

In combination with the Kvaser U100 CAN to USB interface, the Kvaser Air Bridge wireless CAN bridge enables FESB Racing…Read More

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Solar Team Sneek use Kvaser Ethercan HS to help fly their sustainable boat through the water

Kvaser supplied Solar Team Sneek with a Kvaser Ethercan HS at the beginning of 2022 to help debug CAN bus, using it with a 4G router to setup telemetry for their solar boat.Read More

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Hydromotion (1)

Hydrogen-powered sailing from Delft to Monaco

The TU Delft Hydromotion team is a team of 25 highly ambitious students who conceptualize, design, and build advanced boats…Read More

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Kvaser’s standalone data logger helps FST Lisboa to Spanish DV victory

FSTLisboa 2022 season update: Kvaser first sponsored FST Lisboa back in 2021, and, with the help of our Kvaser Memorator…Read More

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Tallinn-1 crop

Kvaser USBcan Pro solves Estonian driverless team’s CAN challenges

Formula Student contender, Team Tallinn, combines the expertise of students from Tallinn University of Applied Sciences and Tallinn University of…Read More

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Aristotle 1

The Kvaser Mini PCI Express 2xHS v2 plays a vital role in Aristotle University’s electric driverless vehicle

The Kvaser Mini PCI Express 2xHS v2 plays an important role in the creation of Aristotle University's driverless vehicle.Read More

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Hydromotion creates ‘The World’s First Flying Hydrogen Boat’ ahead of Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

Hydromotion, formally, TU Delft Hydromotion team, is a team of ambitious students, who, every year, build some of the most…Read More

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An innovative modular robotic manipulator relies on CAN interfaces for drive control

A project to modularize a manipulator for use in space uses Kvaser hardware, Copley Controls' servo drives and support from Actronic Solutions, both Kvaser technical associatesRead More

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Rensselaer Formula Hybrid use Kvaser to test custom circuit boards

Rensselaer Formula Hybrid is a student led club that designs, builds, and races an all electric formula style race car…Read More

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