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The CAN protocol is an ISO standard (ISO 11898) for serial data communication. The protocol was developed aiming at automotive applications. Today CAN has gained widespread use and is used in industrial automation as well as in automotives and mobile machines.


CAN with Flexible Data-Rate (CAN FD) is an extension to the original CAN protocol as specified in ISO 11898-1 that responds to increased bandwidth requirements in automotive networks.


CAN XL, is an addition to the CAN protocol as specified in ISO 11898-1 which aims to further increase the bandwidth capabilities of CAN to over 10Mbit/s.

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Higher Layer Protocol

The CAN standard governs basic hardware and communication but lacks details. A higher layer protocol is needed for effective system communication.


The FAQ provides helpful articles on product troubleshooting, setup, software use, and integration tips, offering users practical solutions and guidance.

CAN Dictionary

The Kvaser CAN Dictionary is a concise yet comprehensive reference guide to terminology used related to Controller Area Network (CAN) technology.

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Agrimechatronics teaching facility relies on Kvaser CAN products in the classroom and the field

The Chair of Agrimechatronics at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) is the leading teaching and research centre in agrimechatronics. They use a suite of Kvaser products and software to teach undergraduates and PhD students, as well as support research and development of practical applications for cutting-edge technology.

Hydromotion creates ‘The World’s First Flying Hydrogen Boat’ ahead of Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

Hydromotion, formally, TU Delft Hydromotion team, is a team of ambitious students, who, every year, build some of the most advanced boats on earth. Driven by their desire to see wider adoption of sustainable fuels, the team hopes to inspire the greater maritime industry to follow suit. Previously, the team was called TU Delft Solar [...]

ATI’s Vision with EDT & the Kvaser U100: A perfect match

Accurate Technologies Inc. (ATI) shows off its Vision software with Enhanced Diagnostic Toolkit (EDT) combined with the Kvaser U100 interface for full stack OBDII testing. The toolkit, which is designed for use throughout the diagnostic development and validation process, and from prototype to full production vehicle, is suitable for both electric and internal combustion engine [...]