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A simple script that turns a programmable Kvaser device into a gateway

Situations may arise where you need to combine two CAN buses or transfer data between two buses that use different… Read More

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Bryan Hennessy’s Q1/2024 SAE J3271 update

There are applications for CAN that are considered non-traditional; not the fixed layout control system found in most CAN applications. Two… Read More

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Using the benefits of MagiSync

MagiSync is a feature provided in our SemiPro, Professional, and Precision products that automatically synchronises the clock ticks on Kvaser… Read More

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SocketCAN versus LinuxCAN: Make the right choice for your application

Let’s say that you are developing a CAN system. You need something to interface between CAN nodes and a computer… Read More

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KVASER CANlib and Python Part 3: U100 & Python Highlights

In this small guide we will explain how the LEDs on the U100 works and how to use them. Writer:… Read More

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