Kvaser’s Recycling Program

Receive a Kvaser Gift Card when you return an old Standard Interface Kvaser product [1]

At Kvaser, we are keen to ensure that as many of the devices we manufacture are disposed of responsibly at their end of life. That’s why we are working with a specialist electrical subcontractor to recycle any returned Kvaser products to the highest environmental criteria.

If you have one or several of our old interface products (standalone interfaces or interface cards) that you no longer use, send it to us in return for a gift card to put towards a new purchase. Any units that are returned in their entirety (complete with cables) to the address below will receive a gift card [2] to the value of USD $50 per unit, which will be sent to you electronically.

The unit will be recycled according to the latest Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directives in an environmentally safe and efficient way. Key components that can be reused are removed and the plastic housings are processed to form a raw secondary material. Any non-toxic components that are non-recyclable are incinerated, with the energy produced used for district heating.

If you would like to take advantage of our recycling offer, please box up your device and send it at your cost to either of the addresses below:

Reuse and Recycling Program
Kvaser AB
Aminogatan 25A
SE 431 53 Mölndal

Reuse and Recycling Program
Kvaser Inc.
23881 Via Fabricante, suite 503
Mission Viejo
CA 92691, USA

Don’t forget to supply us with your name, address and current e-mail. You’ll receive your gift voucher shortly after we receive your old device.

Alternatively, you can ship your old device to your local Kvaser Qualified Sales Representative. For a list of these, please follow this link.

1. Kvaser reserves the right to decide which products qualify for a gift card. If uncertain, please contact Kvaser at sales@kvaser.com.
2. Valid for a period of 12 months after the date it was issued. Not for resale or for use by any other organisation than that from which the device was returned. Usable only as part payment against a new purchase from Kvaser or one of Kvaser’s authorised representatives. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. Gift Card terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Use and interpretation of this Gift Card is governed by Swedish law and the exclusive competence of the Swedish courts of law.