University Sponsorships

Top of the list of things about which Kvaser staff are passionate are CAN and education. For many years, we have donated CAN interfaces and dataloggers for CAN-related projects at Universities around the world, in order to encourage the next generation of engineers to be fluent in the language of CAN. Our staff also regularly perform University outreach – giving lectures, providing support to teaching staff and creating educational material to help students unlock the magic of CAN.

Are you a university student or lecturer working with CAN?

Here’s how Kvaser can help your CAN project succeed:

  1. Apply for free hardware for a particular project or competition. Simply fill out the form below and our regional manager will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your needs.
  2. Receive 25% discount off standard Kvaser products for students and Universities working on non-commercial projects. Contact us for more information.

From The Teams

WWU 2023 photo

“Kvaser’s support has become absolutely invaluable this month as we use their CAN monitor equipment to watch the interface between the components of our system in a testing environment. Debugging issues would be impossible without Kvaser’s amazing free software and efficient hardware.”

  • Gene Ellerby (LV Electronics Lead)
  • Western Washington University Racing Team, USA

“Kvaser’s contribution to the Victor Tango team is vital for the overall success of our autonomous vehicle project. Kvaser donated Leaf Light HS v2 interfaces, allowing us to send and receive CAN messages between the vehicle and a computer, which controls the vehicle as well as gathering feedback from various systems.”

  • Bruce Lee and Ashley Divine
  • Virginia Tech’s Team Victor Tango, USA
  • General Motors & SAE Intl’s AutoDrive Challenge

“The Kvaser Memorator, provided on a moment’s notice, played a crucial role in our testing phase and allowed us to debug and fix issues which otherwise would be very hard to detect. The Leaf Light devices are also used constantly and are an indispensable tool to monitor, test and debug our car’s CANbus.”

  • Pedro Espiguinha, Electrical Manager
  • Metropolia Motorsport, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Finland.
  • Formula Student Competition

“The Kvaser Leaf Light v2 has been a key test and verification component for us, together with Kvaser CAN King software and the Kvaser Database Editor. Initially, we used two interconnected Kvaser Leaf Light v2s and the CAN King program to verify that the database we created in the Kvaser Database Editor worked as expected. We were able to easily import the database into Kvaser CanKing to communicate with the engine controller. The JU Solar Team are very pleased with Kvaser’s products, both hardware and software.”

  • Simon Gustafsson, Embedded Systems Engineer
  • Jönköping University’s JU Solar Team, Sweden.

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