23/08/2023 by Kvaser

Kvaser’s Summer Internship Programme

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Kvaser’s 2023 Summer Internship Programme welcomed seven students from Chalmers University of Technology to our Swedish headquarters.

Kvaser matches students with experienced engineers from different departments. This summer, Albin Karlsson and Emrik Lindahl, both MSc students in Computer Systems and Networks, worked in our software department on a new feature for Kvaser’s tools. Physics student, Anton Carlsson, joined Kvaser’s technical support team for his third summer, creating training materials and a script to help customers get started with CAN, using wsl and Python.

Simon Engström, who’s just finished his BA in Software Engineering and starts a masters in High-Performance Computer Systems in September, worked on an application to simulate the propagation of radio waves in 3D environments. Working alongside him in the Radio Communications department was Alex Helmersson (who starts a Masters in Embedded Electronic Systems Design in September) and Joel (midway through a Masters in Computer Systems and Networks) who are exploring a positioning technology for integration in future wireless products. Joel appreciated the chance to deepen his experience in programming small MCUs, while others expanded their theoretical knowledge in networking technologies.

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Kvaser’s student work programme is a win-win, providing valuable industrial experience for students and an infusion of enthusiasm and fresh resources into our team. We invite students who are interested in next year’s programme to get in touch!