Custom CAN Solutions
for Your Unique Needs

Whether it’s customizing products for internal specifications, integrating CAN solutions into your existing devices or anything in between, Kvaser is here to create your customized solution.

The Kvaser Advantage

Our OEM customers benefit from reliable products, along with lifetime access to software upgrades and other Kvaser maintenance work.

Our CAN professionals make development quick and easy, and our manufacturers are carefully chosen with production times in mind.

Our customers are in full control of the lifespan of their OEM products. As long as the components are available, your customized solution will be also.

All drivers and firmware are backwards compatible, and your software can be gradually enhanced to allow for future Kvaser product integration.

No matter your order size, our short development times, low maintenance costs and sustainable software make our OEM products very affordable.

Kvaser is known for providing top-tier support to all of our CAN customers, including those in need of OEM solutions.

Customer FAQs

What Kind of OEM/ODM Products Do You Offer?

OEM/ODM products are based on Kvaser standard products. Our customers start their development by using a standard product and defining what special needs they want their product to meet. In the simplest form, it is a private label, but it can be specific variants of drivers and firmware, PCB, casing, leads and connectors.

How Big of a Series is Needed?

We are flexible. It can be anything between 100 and several thousand per year. Each OEM/ODM business is unique.

How Big of a Series Can You Deliver?

Kvaser is a fabless manufacturer relying on a few carefully selected subcontractors with whom we have a close cooperation. One criterion is that they are capable of a rapid response to changing deliveries. We have nearby manufacturing contractors located less than an hour from our headquarters capable of a wide range of production orders.

How Much Does it Cost?

It depends on many factors, including batch size, degree of modification, payment terms, delivery time and specific certifications. Each business is unique. Our aim is to achieve a reasonable and mutually prosperous solution that will guarantee long-term relationships with our customers.

Engineers Trust Kvaser CAN Solutions

Our OEM Process

Understanding Your Needs

Our initial conversation will discuss the product or solution you are seeking, along with necessary requirements and other standards. Following this, a thoughtful proposal is developed and sent to you for approval.

Solution Development

After a final agreement has been reached, our team goes to work. Our developers have created over 100 products, ranging from Wi-Fi antennae to software APIs to CAN physical layer requirements and beyond.

Product Manufacturing

Our OEM products are manufactured by one of our trusted, long-term partners. All of our manufacturers possess specialized expertise in CAN hardware and have a proven track record of timely production.

Get Started on Your OEM Solution