40 +
Years of Experience

The trusted experts in the CAN bus protocol for over 40 years

50 +
High-quality Products

Lightweight and easy to use, yet incredibly durable, Kvaser products are the ultimate solution for your machine-to-machine communication needs.

70000 +
Products Sold Annually

Kvaser products, engineered and manufactured in Sweden, are developed and designed for premium quality, reliability and ease of use.

150 +
Partners Worldwide

Kvaser works with a network of carefully selected partners, offering local language support, advice on CAN bus protocols, software and in some cases, additional engineering services.

Kvaser offices

A Global Company

Our Vision

We are known as the leading innovator of near-machine communication

Our Mission

Create a world of possibilities

Our Promise

Designed for effortless possibilities

The Timeline

  • 1981
    Kvaser was founded by Lars-Berno “Freddy” Fredriksson and his father
  • 1983
    Bosch began CAN development
  • 1985
    Kvaser begins to focus on CAN technology
  • 1990
    First product - PCcan 4 channel. Kvaser’s CanKingdom higher layer protocol debuts.
  • 1998
    First Kvaser Partners
  • 2000
    Kvaser US opens in LA, California
  • 2003
    Concentrate on CAN HW interfaces (no SW)
  • 2009
    Kvaser China opens in Shanghai
  • 2015
    Kvaser starts CAN radio development
  • 2019
    Kvaser opens in Hong Kong
  • 2023
    Kvaser going into CAN XL
  • 2024
    Rebranding of Kvaser
Kvaser’s History

Industry leaders and definers since 1983

We began in the early 1980s to specialize in Distributed Embedded Control Systems. A few years later the Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol was published and the first CAN chip made available.

Kvaser’s founders quickly recognised CAN’s many excellent features and understood the impact CAN would have on future embedded control systems. They made the strategic decision to dedicate Kvaser’s resources to producing CAN solutions, becoming one of the first companies to serve the now, almost ubiquitous, CAN industry.


Unique Design...
And a Lot More

You’ll notice that our CAN bus interfaces look very different to others on the market. That’s because we have our users – engineers – uppermost in our mind when we are designing them. Lightweight, ergonomic and yet incredibly durable, Kvaser’s interfaces and dataloggers stand out from the crowd.

Qualified sales representatives and technical associate

250 partners worldwide

Kvaser works with a network of carefully selected Qualified Sales Representatives (QSRs). Offering local language support, advice on CAN bus products, software and in some cases, additional engineering services, our QSR network is the best place to buy Kvaser hardware.

Kvaser cooperates with CAN software and service companies to better serve our customers. Technical Associates have taken the steps to integrate their software and services with Kvaser hardware in order to provide superior CAN solutions

What Kvaser Offers

We provide more than hardware
  1. Free support
  2. Education
  3. Knowledge center
  1. Applications from Kvaser Technical Associates
  2. CanKing bus monitor for CAN FD (free)
  3. Kvaser SDK for developing your custom applications (free)
Higher Layer Protocol
  1. Protocol Stacks from Kvaser Technical Associates
  2. HLPs supported for CAN and LIN
  1. Libraries within Calib SDK for CAN FD, LIN, DBC files, Datalogger configuration and access, remote access, XML files
  2. Most work under Windows and Linux
  1. High quality hardware designed to last
  2. One Kvaser Driver connects to all Kvaser Hardware
  3. OEM customization available, function and form factor
  1. Wherever CAN is used Kvaser is there
  2. Automotive (ICE and EV), HD vehicle, Industrial Automation, Medical, Marine, Robotics, many more