Kvaser's History

Industry leaders and definers since 1983

We began in the early 1980s to specialize in Distributed Embedded Control Systems. A few years later the Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol was published and the first CAN chip made available. Kvaser’s founders quickly recognised CAN’s many excellent features and understood the impact CAN would have on future embedded control systems. They made the strategic decision to dedicate Kvaser’s resources to producing CAN solutions, becoming one of the first companies to serve the now, almost ubiquitous, CAN industry.

With a mission to develop innovative CAN products tailor-made to meet the needs of engineers, Kvaser has amassed a broad spectrum of experience and expertise in CAN and related bus protocols. Our commitment to R&D investment and our strategic collaboration with other well-respected technology companies are among the factors that have led to Kvaser’s name becoming synonymous with CAN.

Our goals and commitment to our customers have remained the same throughout our company’s history. Kvaser’s aim is to be recognized as the leading provider of innovative and cost efficient CAN solutions. We strive to achieve this by listening to our customers and partners, understanding their problems and challenges, and focusing our innovative thinking and experience to help solve their needs.

Kvaser Founders’ Story

Company Highlights

1983 · Bosch began CAN development

1985 · Intel becomes involved in the project

1985 · Kvaser begins to focus on CAN technology

1988 · First CAN chip released

1990 · Kvaser’s CanKingdom higher layer protocol debuts

1994 · Kvaser’s CanKing free CAN bus monitor is launched

1996 · Our 1st generation WAVEcan wireless CAN link is released

1997 · We introduce our LAPcan PCMCIA CAN bus interface

1998 · Our second generation WAVEcan is unveiled

2000 · Kvaser Inc. opens in Mission Viejo, California

2001 · Kvaser releases USBcan, a USB CAN interface

2002 · Kvaser debuts Memorator datalogger and CAN interface

2003 · Development of our third generation WAVEcan begins

2005 · Kvaser Leaf family (USB to CAN and LIN) launched with MagiSync

2006 · Memorator Professional and USBcan Professional introduced

2007 · Our Linx CAN to J1597 and PCIEcan for PCI Express interfaces debut

2008 · Kvaser BlackBird WLAN/CAN interface released

2009 · Kvaser China opens in Shanghai, China

2010 · Kvaser launches Memorator Light

2011 · Kvaser launches the Eagle datalogger

2013 · Kvaser launches the Blackbird V2 Wireless interface and Mini PCI Express interface

2015 · Kvaser releases support of CAN FD

2016 · Kvaser updates it’s popular Memorator series of CAN catalogers

2017 · Kvaser launches Ethercan line of CAN-over-ethernet interfaces.

2017 · Kvaser introduces flexible CAN and LIN switching with the Hybrid product line

2018 · Kvaser releases radio-based Air Bridge CAN-to-CAN technology.

2019 · Kvaser launches DIN Rail series of CAN interfaces.

2019 · Kvaser opens office in Hong Kong

2022 · Seven District acquires Kvaser