View our popular “Quick Start Guide” video and get your Kvaser CAN bus interface up and running quickly.  Also, check out our Product Overviews and Tutorials to learn more about your Kvaser hardware.

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Kvaser Blackbird v2

The Blackbird v2 incorporates: 1. A new radio chip that gives it up to 75% better range. 2. The REST API to allow any device with an HTML5 browser to connect. 3. 802.11n connectivity. 4. More onboard memory overcomes potential interruptions to the wireless connection due, the protocol itself, or disturbance.

Kvaser: Working with Your Software, in Your Market

Kvaser interfaces are compatible with a wide (and growing) range of software products, and are used in diverse markets.

Kvaser Mini PCI Express HS

The Kvaser Mini PCI Express HS is a highly-integrated CAN add-on board that allows embedded system developers to add CAN functionality to any standard computer board with mini PCI Express capability.

Quick Start Guide for All Kvaser Products

This Quick Start Guide shows you how to install drivers and setup any Interface product from Kvaser.

Quick Start Guide for Memorator Professional

The Memorator Professional Quick Start Guide helps you get up and running on Kvaser’s series of CAN dataloggers, including: • Kvaser Memorator Professional HS/HS • Kvaser Memorator Professional HS/LS • Kvaser Memorator R Semipro • Kvaser Memorator Professional 5xHS The Quick Start Guide covers all the topics needed to record data using the Kvaser datalogger. […]

Kvaser Leaf Light V2

A brief overview of Kvaser’s Leaf Light v2.

Memorator Professional Advanced Setup

The Memorator Professional Advanced Setup video covers advanced configuration features on Kvaser’s series of CAN dataloggers, including: • Kvaser Memorator Professional HS/HS • Kvaser Memorator Professional HS/LS • Kvaser Memorator R Semipro • Kvaser Memorator Professional 5xHS The Advanced Setup video covers all the topics needed to implement filters and triggers on your Kvaser datalogger. The following chapters are […]

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