White Papers and Slide Shows

CAN Technology
Thomas Schönbeck, Kvaser AB, Swedenslides 1/3
This is a broad, general introduction to CAN.slides 2/3
Slideshow from the CAN seminar at Växjö University, Sweden, 2005.slides 3/3
CAN Kingdom
Slide show introducing CAN Kingdom. November 2005.slides
A CAN oscillator
Lars-Berno Fredriksson, Kvaser, April 2005.Pdf
An outline for a CAN Global Clock
Lars-Berno Fredriksson, Kvaser AB and Jacob Österling, Ericsson Radio System AB March 13, 2000Pdf
CanKingdom and Dependable CAN systems
Lars-Berno Fredriksson, CanKingdom International Inc., January 2001.Pdf
Advantages with a global clock in CAN systems
Lars-Berno Fredriksson, KVASER AB, September 2001.Pdf
CAN Kingdom 3.01
The Can Kingdom 3.01 specification.Pdf
Bluetooth Performance
Slides by Kent Lennartsson, Kvaser, from a seminar in Tampere, Finland. May 2001.slides
Opening Bluetooth for Technical Tasks – Possibilities and Challenges for Automotive Applications
Horst Wunderlich and Martin Schwab, DaimlerChrysler R&T, Germany, Lars-Berno Fredriksson, Kvaser AB, Sweden. From the Bluetooth Conference in Monte Carlo , 13-16th June 2000.Pdf
Bluetooth in Automotive: Enabling “Effortless Connectivity” Between Devices
Horst Wunderlich and Martin Schwab, DaimlerChrysler R&T, Germany, Lars-Berno Fredriksson, Kvaser AB, Sweden, Matthias Nikola, Philips/VLSI Technology, Germany. From the Bluetooth Conference in Geneva , 4-5th April 2000.Pdf
Comparison between CANopen, DeviceNet and Can Kingdom Higher Layer Protocols.
Kent Lennartsson, Kvaser AB, 1999.slides
The Configuration of the CAN Bit Timing
F. Hartwich, Robert Bosch GmbH, from iCC 1999.Pdf
Bluetooth in Automotive applications
L.-B. Fredriksson, from the “Bluetooth ’99” conference in London, 9-10th June, 1999.Pdf
Controller Area Networks and the protocol CAN for machine control systems
L.-B. Fredriksson; Mechatronics Vol.4 No.2 pp. 159-192; 1994 (now w. illustrations)Pdf
A perspective to the Design of Distributed Real–time
Control Applications based on CAN. M. Törngren, 2nd iCC, 1995Pdf
Bluetooth in Automotive Diagnostics
Lars-Berno Fredriksson, KVASER AB, Sweden. May, 2001.Pdf
NMEA 2000 & the Controller Area Network (CAN)
F. Cassidy, chairman of NMEA Standards CommitteePdf
NMEA2000 Explained – The Latest Word
F. Cassidy, chairman of NMEA Standards Committee. March 1999.Pdf
Diesel Engine Control, CAN Kingdom and J1939
L.-B. Fredriksson, Kvaser; M. Templin, Scania. 1996.Pdf
Safety of Distributed Machine Control Systems
J. Jacobson, L.-Å. Johansson, M. Lundin; Swedish National Testing and Research Institute; Borås, Sweden 1996Pdf
Bluetooth in Automotive Diagnostics
Lars-Berno Fredriksson, KVASER AB, Sweden. May, 2001.Pdf
Optimizing Bluetooth Wireless Technology as the Ideal Interface for Car Diagnostics
Lars-Berno Fredriksson, Kvaser AB, SwedenPdf
Bluetooth in service and production applications
Kent Lennartsson, KVASER AB, September 2001Pdf
PALBUS, abbreviated from the Swedish words for dependable bus systems, is a research project with the objective to evaluate and disseminate methodology for design and validation of data busses in distributed control systems in applications with requirements for safety or reliability. Swedish industry, research institutes and university are cooperating in the PALBUS project.Pdf
CIS 721 Real-Time-Systems.
Lecture 17: CANKingdom and Common Digital Architecture Author Mitch Neilsen, KSU. Microsoft PowerPoint 3,67 MBPdf
CanKingdom application paper.
A Structural and Modular Approach to Implement Communication Interface For Tractor Electronics Communication Using CAN Kingdom. Kansas State University Presentation made at the 2002 ASAE Annual International Meeting / CIGR XVth World Congress, pdf 238 kbPdf
Multi-Bit Error Vulnerabilities in the CAN Protocol.
Author Eushivan Tran, advisor Dr Philip Koopman, 1999. pdf 120 kbPdf
A Graceful Degradation Framework for Distributed Embedded Systems.
Authors: William Nace and Philip Koopman. pdf 41 kbPdf
CAN for critical embedded automotive networks.
Author Lars-Berno Fredriksson. Published in IEEE Micro July-August 2002,pdf 120 kbPdf
TTCAN explained.
Author Lars-Berno Fredriksson, 2001. pdf 590 kbPdf
Time Scheduling of CAN based Systems.
Author Lars-Berno Fredriksson, 2003. pdf 587 kbPdf
SDS, DeviceNet and CAN Kingdom
Author Kent Lennartsson and Lars-Berno FredrikssonPdf
Difference between CANOpen and CAN Kingdom.
Author Lars-Berno FredrikssonPdf