Advancing connectivity 

With over thirty years of specialization in Controller Area Network (CAN) technology, Kvaser is renowned for its precision, reliability, and durability.

Kvaser Leaf V3

Your Gateway to Efficient Connectivity

Stable, trouble-free operation, with added CAN FD and silent mode. The Kvaser Leaf series represents one of the easiest and lowest-cost methods of connecting a computer to a CAN network to monitor and transmit CAN and CAN FD frames.


Custom CAN Solutions for Your Unique Needs

Whether it’s customizing products for internal specifications, integrating CAN solutions into your existing devices or anything in between, Kvaser is here to create your customized solution.

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Add to Calendar 2024-May-28 00:00:00 2024-May-29 00:00:00 UTC+0 Future Mobile Work Machine 2024

Future Mobile Work Machine is an insightful forerunner event focusing on the future of the non-road mobile machine industry, and an excellent opportunity to meet world leaders in their field.

Tampere Hall, Tampere, Finland Kvaser


May, 2024 Tampere Finland
Add to Calendar 2024-May-28 00:00:00 2024-May-28 00:00:00 UTC+0 MATLAB EXPO 2024 China

MATLAB EXPO is a grand event where engineers, researchers and scientists gather together. Here you can listen to real user cases and participate in practical demonstrations. Welcome to the site to learn more about the latest features and functions of MATLAB and Simulink.

, Beijing, China Kvaser


May, 2024 Beijing China
Add to Calendar 2024-Jun-04 00:00:00 2024-Jun-06 00:00:00 UTC+0 Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2024

Automotive Testing Expo is the world’s leading international expo for every aspect of automotive testing, development and validation technologies, taking place every year in Detroit, Shanghai and Stuttgart. In Europe, as elsewhere, it is the leading event for the technologies and services in ADAS and autonomous vehicle testing, electric and hybrid powertrain testing, battery and range testing, EMI and NVH test and analysis and the full spectrum of test and validation technologies for full-vehicle, component and systems development.

, Stuttgart, Germany Kvaser


Jun, 2024 Stuttgart Germany
Add to Calendar 2024-Jun-12 00:00:00 2024-Jun-12 00:00:00 UTC+0 Chinese technology day Shanghai

Together with its members, CiA is updating the Chinese CAN community with regard to the status and latest developments in CAN-based networking. Additionally, attendees of the Chinese technology day are informed on the current work items in CAN in Automation and can start to benefit from being an active member in the CAN community. CiA thanks the sponsors of the event for their support.

, Shanghai, Kvaser


Jun, 2024 Shanghai

Software Development Kit

The Kvaser Software Development Kit is your transparent Application Programming Interface for working with all Kvaser hardware platforms.

Effortless access

No license or registration

Free download

Regular updates included

Full technical support at no charge

Same API

Same API supports common functions across different Kvaser interfaces

APIs for Windows and Linux provided


Compatible with present and future products

Core functions work on new products as they did on old

Scalable & Flexible

Support for C, C++, C#, Delphi, Python, Visual Basic
All libraries supported under Windows, most supported under Linux
Virtual devices load with driver



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Industrial Automation

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CAN Stories: Real World Testimonials

Case Studies

Explore our collection of case studies to see how diverse industries benefit from implementing CAN solutions


Agrimechatronics teaching facility relies on Kvaser CAN products in the classroom and the field

The Chair of Agrimechatronics at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) is the leading teaching and research centre in agrimechatronics. They use a suite of Kvaser products and software to teach undergraduates and PhD students, as well as support research and development of practical applications for cutting-edge technology.

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Solar Team Sneek use Kvaser Ethercan HS to help fly their sustainable boat through the water

Kvaser supplied Solar Team Sneek with a Kvaser Ethercan HS at the beginning of 2022 to help debug CAN bus, using it with a 4G router to setup telemetry for their solar boat.

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An innovative modular robotic manipulator relies on CAN interfaces for drive control

A project to modularize a manipulator for use in space uses Kvaser hardware, Copley Controls' servo drives and support from Actronic Solutions, both Kvaser technical associates

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KVR_RAC_Audi_CS_Image kopiera

Stable, CAN communication modules ensure that Audi’s diagnostics data always gets through

Automotive endurance testing creates 100,000s of hours of test data per vehicle. Kvaser’s DIN Rail Ethernet to CAN/CAN FD interface and RA Consulting’s DiagRA D diagnostic software ensure reliable collection of diagnostic data on Audi’s test benches.

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Meet the Support Team

Resources to get you up and running on your Kvaser hardware. Includes guidelines on firmware upgrades, our universal drivers, and operating systems.

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