09/04/2024 by Kvaser

AVAI chooses Kvaser interfaces for AV system designs

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AVAI (Autonomous Vehicle Artificial Intelligence), an AV design and services company, has joined Kvaser’s Technical Associate (TA) and Qualified Sales Representative (QSR) program. Led by Silicon Valley autonomous vehicle veterans who have spent years designing and building some of the largest AV testing fleets in the U.S., AVAI brings a full system approach to address the key challenges facing AV design teams. With expertise in compute platforms, sensors (LIDAR, radar, IMU, GPS, cameras etc.), drive by wire integration, data collection and data management, “our aim is to eliminate the burden of adoption for customers” explains Yaman Awad, AVAI’s CEO.

AVAI defines vehicles broadly, with delivery robots, off-road utility vehicles and agricultural vehicles among their clients in addition to working with automotive OEMs. What all customers share is the need for safety-critical control systems. CAN is well-used. “For the communication between ECUs and actuators within all control systems, reproducibility and consistency of performance are key. Despite new protocols entering the market, CAN still provides this high confidence message delivery, consistent latency, and ISO compliance in a cost-effective fashion,” notes Yaman.

AVAI chose to partner with Kvaser because of our reputation as ‘the best of the best’ and for the wide range of options, from data loggers to development boards. AVAI’s customers use Kvaser’s CAN interfaces to connect to the central control system for diagnostic purposes as well as sensor data transmission. Yaman notes: “Customers come to us not only for the cable harness, but the full vertical solution including software. We are very excited to partner with Kvaser, because it strengthens our line of sight from heavy R&D to a scalable production grade autonomous solution.”

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