07/05/2024 by Kvaser

Kvaser supports innovative Battery Emulator project with advanced CAN FD tools


We are excited to announce our collaboration with TKE and reverse engineering specialist Daniel Öster in the groundbreaking Battery-Emulator project. This project is focused on extending the lifespan of electric vehicle (EV) batteries and repurposing them for stationary storage, contributing to environmental sustainability and innovation in energy solutions.

Daniel Öster’s expertise in reverse engineering, combined with TKE’s funding, has propelled the Battery-Emulator project forward. This initiative utilizes a sophisticated software solution that allows EV battery packs to be repurposed for stationary storage by converting EV battery CAN data into formats compatible with solar inverters. This conversion is pivotal for facilitating the integration of large EV batteries into stationary applications, offering a plug-and-play solution that paves the way for their broader adoption.

A critical component of this project’s success has been the integration of Kvaser’s cutting-edge CAN FD technology. Daniel employed our Kvaser U100P interface along with TKE’s CANtrace Analyzer software to effectively manage and analyze the CAN network. The Kvaser U100P interface is equipped with advanced features such as precise timestamping and silent mode capabilities, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of data handling across the network. Discover more about the Kvaser U100P and its capabilities on our product page.

The synergy between Kvaser’s hardware and TKE’s software provided robust testing and development tools that are essential for the real-time demands of the Battery-Emulator project. Our products ensured seamless and efficient system development and troubleshooting both in lab settings and on-site applications, underlining the importance of reliable tools in critical engineering projects.

For more details on this innovative project and to read about the specific contributions of each collaborator, please visit our partner’s full article: CAN FD Implementation For a Battery Emulator Project.