17/05/2024 by Kvaser

Kvaser renews vision and values with a new brand identity

Mölndal, Sweden – May 16, 2024

Kvaser AB, a leading provider of CAN (Controller Area Network) solutions, is pleased to reveal a comprehensive rebranding initiative. The goal of this effort is to realign our brand image with our core values, mission, and vision for the future. Comments Martin Sventén, Kvaser’s CEO: “Kvaser’s strong new logo and branding elements reflect our wider, deeper intent to meet demands for advanced connectivity across a variety of industries. Kvaser is experiencing an exciting growth trajectory, and the visual change reflects the evolution of our product development, expanding global footprint, and growing team.”

Key elements of our new identity include:

  • A New Logo:
    The redesigned logo retains its classic red, symbolizing energy and commitment to action, while adding a touch of warmth to reflect our approachable strength and assertiveness. In addition to our signature red, we introduce green as a secondary colour to convey our commitment towards sustainability and environmental responsibility. The dual dots adjacent to the logo – red and green – mirror the status indicators found on Kvaser’s CAN interfaces and loggers. These are familiar to our customers and signify connectivity, a Kvaser core value, whilst reflecting the popular view of Kvaser’s interfaces that “they just work”. With the refreshed logotype, we embrace a modern identity that reflects our commitment to delivering innovative solutions in the rapidly evolving technology landscape.
  • A New Tagline:
    Kvaser has replaced the control loop on the original logo with a tagline that befits our expanded competence and ongoing mission. “Advancing” reflects a brand in motion, signifying progress, innovation, and growth; while “connectivity” emphasizes our expertise in seamlessly linking systems and people together.

As initiator of the rebranding project, Anna-Lena Lööf, CMO comments: “Kvaser’s red script on black background has been synonymous with high quality and reliable CAN products for almost four decades. This rebrand is more than a visual update; it signifies Kvaser’s commitment to ‘it just works’ simplicity and effortless possibilities, showcasing a brand that is in constant motion towards progress and proficiency.”

Kvaser AB was founded in 1981 and from 1987 onwards, became a pioneer of Controller Area Network (CAN), since becoming a market leader in the technology. In recent years, Kvaser has seen tremendous growth in market share through a strong alliance with its qualified reseller network and software partners.

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