26/05/2023 by Kvaser

FESB Racing harnesses the power of Kvaser Air Bridge and U100 CAN interface for data-driven success


In combination with the Kvaser U100 CAN to USB interface, the Kvaser Air Bridge wireless CAN bridge enables FESB Racing to collect and send data to their race car, dynamically.

Andrija Matošić, Electronics Team Lead, states: “The U100 is one of the best CAN interfaces we have worked with so far; the status LEDs and the rugged casing really separate it from the devices of other manufacturers. By pairing it with the Air Bridge devices and our diagnostic application, we solved a lot of electrical problems on the car.”

FESB Racing is competing in both Formula Student and MotoStudent and has successfully built three formula vehicles and four motorbikes. The team is now working on its first fully electric formula car and a fourth-generation petrol motorcycle. Kvaser has donated CAN hardware and software for development and testing to the University of Split-based team since 2020. Upcoming competitions include the 2023 MotoStudent competition in Spain and various Formula Student competitions in 2024.

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