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data logger

Kvaser helps TT Zero team tackle data acquisition

Data on how the most important components of this electric bike are performing is crucial. For this, Kvaser donated a Kvaser Eagle to be used in combination with the team’s existing Kvaser Memorator Professional datalogger and TKE’s CANtrace software, which decodes the CAN signals in real-time. Read More

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Electric race car team uses Kvaser Eagle for CAN-controlled memory

Electric RaceAbout (ERA), an engineering project run by Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in collaboration with the prestigious Institute of Design, Lahti Polytechnic, is using Kvaser’s Eagle CAN interface and datalogger in the Battery Management System of its Electric sports car.Read More

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Debugging a collision avoidance application with the LEAF Light

Students developing a collision avoidance system for a driverless car turn to Kvaser's Leaf Light to debug their system ...Read More

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can interface

Solar boat challenger uses Kvaser interfaces for telemetry

A team competing in the Frisian Solar Challenge needed a good quality CAN bus interface during component testing, as well as a PCI104 CAN bus interface for the on-board computer. Find out why the turned to Kvaser ...Read More

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