30/08/2023 by Kvaser

Making mobile NOx measurement easier


ECM Europe has created the EZ-PEMS, a compact, mobile demonstrator of its miniPEMS compliance tool that integrates two Kvaser technologies, the Kvaser Air Bridge and Kvaser Memorator. The combined system, ideal for government and national law enforcement agencies, shows how a reliable, low-cost NOx field test could be carried out at scale. 

ECM EZ-PEMS measures NOx on a driving vehicle. The compact housing mounts easily to a flat surface, such as a car’s rear window, using a suction mount. Within the housing is the ECM NOx module, a Kvaser Memorator datalogger to receive the CAN data, connected to one of the pair of Kvaser Air Bridge wireless CAN units. A t-script running on the Kvaser Memorator performs signal filtering and conversions before sending the data to the Kvaser Air Bridge. This transmits data to a cockpit display for immediate viewing and upload to a cloud server.

Oskar Hellsten at ECM AB comments: “The EZ-PEMS is particularly quick and simple to set up, differentiating it from the non-mobile systems on the market today. This system adapts particularly well to different vehicles. For example, truck exhausts can be hard to access, so the Air Bridge is a much more reliable and ergonomic way of routing live data to the display in the cabin than a wired solution.“

At present, legislation is lacking regarding harmful NOx emissions in vehicles that are already in service and when there is legislation, a simple, routine test tool is needed. In certain parts of the world, it is common practice to remove emission reduction equipment from cars and trucks to cut costs, notably the purchase of expensive urea used to reduce NOx emissions to nitrogen and water. EZ-PEMS proves that a reliable, mobile test solution is ready to catch the perpetrators.

Combined with the compact and lightweight Kvaser Air Bridge and Kvaser Memorator, EZ-PEMS has the potential to answer the needs of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), who have worked together for some time to find solutions for real-world emissions data gathering on smaller-engined vehicles, such as quads, snowmobiles, and motorcycles. Testing how driving and usage patterns impact emissions on all vehicles is a key step in finding ways to reduce them. 

EZ-PEMS-Box kopiera 1116x1316px

The set-up shown uses an exhaust adapter to which the sensor fits easily, without requiring modification of the exhaust.

EZ-PEMS_On_Car kopiera 2 1116x1316px

The EZ PEMS and Kvaser hardware fit in a compact housing that can be attached by suction to the test subject’s rear window.

ECM bills the combined solution as suitable for Periodic Technical Inspections (PTI), investigation of malfunctioning or manipulated emissions control systems, screening tests according to Commission Regulation (EU) 2018/1832 and engine test cells or real-world NOX PM and PN measurement.


Wireless CAN communication thanks to Kvaser Air Bridge links data from the sensor to the cabin display. ECM’s solution provides in-vehicle testing with no laptops or complicated PC programs assured!