04/10/2021 by Kvaser

Kvaser’s September 2021 Software Release


Kvaser’s latest software release adds further updates and fixes for J1939 within the Python wrapper for Kvaser CANlib. Users can download the Python wrapper directly from PyPI and read the documentation online via Read the Docs, both of which will be updated continuously going forward. 

Among the notable changes in this release are:

Python CANlib package (V1.19.205):
Docstrings have been updated, extracted and can be viewed online at

Kvaser Drivers for Windows and CANlib SDK (V5.37): 
DIAdem DAT and MTS RPC III output formats have been added, to expand the formats that work with Kvaser’s converter.

Further support for J1939 includes a new flag in CANlib’s database library. 

Kvaser Linux driver and SDK (V5.37):
The same output formats that are available for Windows (see above) are available in Linux. 

Kvaser mhydra firmware (Blackbird, Memorator 2nd gen., U100, USBcan) (V3.25.855):
An intermittent issue was fixed on Kvaser Memorator 2xHS v2’s where in some circumstances, the device could hang for several seconds at startup. Second-generation Memorator devices using Kvaser Memorator Configuration Tool will benefit from improved timeout handling when formatting SD-cards.

For more details, please read the respective release notes in Kvaser Downloads