28/09/2023 by Kvaser

Kvaser’s September 2023 Software Release

Futuristic Technology Concept: Autonomous Semi Truck with Cargo Trailer Drives at Night on the Road with Sensors Scanning Surrounding. Special Effects of Self Driving Truck Digitalizing Freeway

Kvaser’s September software update is live. Please visit our Downloads page for the latest release notes.  

The Kvaser CANlib Software Development Kit is a free resource that includes everything you need to develop software for Kvaser interfaces. CANlib works across all Kvaser hardware platforms, ensuring that software written for one Kvaser interface is compatible with present and future Kvaser hardware. Available in Windows and Linux versions, it includes full documentation and many program samples. Kvaser continually invests in CANlib: our objective is that CANlib remains the best free CAN interface software around!  

To see what can be done using CANlib, visit the CANlib SDK page, or follow this tutorial to get started.