27/02/2024 by Kvaser

Kvaser’s February 2024 Software Release

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Kvaser’s latest software release updates our J2534 implementation for Windows, responding to new requirements in the standard. Firmware updates for Kvaser Hybrid and Kvaser DIN Rail are recommended following this update, as is a move to the latest version for users of Kvaser’s free Database Editor 3. 

Notable changes and additions include:

Kvaser Drivers for Windows and CANlib SDK (v5.44):  
Several updates related to J2534 make it worthwhile updating to this version, particularly for customers using the ISO15765 driver. With support added for the ISO15765_PS and FD_ISO15765_PS protocol IDs, our implementation is now CAN FD compatible. 

Firmware Update Tool (v4.32.630)  
Kvaser DIN Rail SE410S-X10: This firmware version enables adjustable latency down to 1ms and 0 ms, which is useful when using protocols with a ping pong scheme, such as XCP and CCP. There is a throughput trade-off with lower latency values that users should be aware of.  

This firmware update includes an improvement to battery charging that extends battery duration.  

Kvaser Hybrid: An issue concerning the signal that controls external circuitry for LIN communication has been fixed, whereby the external 1kOhm pullup was activated by the slave instead of the master. If a Kvaser Hybrid is used as LIN master unit or LIN slave unit, we recommend an upgrade.

Kvaser Database Editor 3 (v3.23.640):  
A new version is available that fixes an issue with negative min/max values for unsigned signals. We therefore recommend that customers using this tool upgrade to this version. 

All files are available for download now on the Kvaser Downloads page.