08/06/2021 by Kvaser

Kvaser’s June 2021 Software Release


Kvaser’s latest software release adds updates and fixes for J1939 within the Python wrapper for Kvaser CANlib. Our Python implementation is now on PyPI, which means that the latest version can be installed by running the command pip install canlib. This release also provides support for the RP1210 API for Kvaser DIN Rail, Kvaser U100 and Kvaser Hybrid devices.

Notable changes and additions include:

Python CANlib package
Python CANlib V1.18.846 is now fully up-to-date regarding J1939. A new helper module has been added for J1939 that interprets CAN frames as J1939 and helps convert J1939 messages into CAN frames.

Kvaser Drivers for Windows and CANlib SDK
The SDK’s definition has been updated in V5.36.575, with several fixes for J1939. The converter library now works with pgn filtering. The SDK itself has a modified CAN FD bitrate constant that improves stability for any Kvaser devices or other equipment attached.

Kvaser Linux driver and SDK
Similar to the Windows CANlib SDK updates, a new firmware update tool in V5.36.575 allows users to update firmware on PCI devices in Linux.

Kernel modules can now optionally be installed using DKMS, which automatically builds and reinstalls the drivers after a kernel update. Previously, if you updated the kernel in Linux, the driver had to be recompiled.

Kvaser mhydra firmware (Blackbird, Memorator 2nd gen., U100, USBcan)
The new API in v3.24.744 provides additional interoperability between using classic bus parameter settings and the new time quanta-based settings.

Kvaser Memorator Configuration Tool (Memorator 2nd gen.)
Added J1939 support in V5.26.575 for signals in MDF 4.1 (*.mf4) and MDF (*.mdf), plus a bug fix for triggers and filters when using J1939 databases.

Kvaser Database Editor 3
A fix in V2.5.475 prevents the program from crashing when a signal enumeration value of 0 is entered.