21/03/2024 by Kvaser

TKE’s new Wireless CAN Diagnostics Package

TK Engineering* has packaged its CAN analyzer software, CANtrace, with a pair of Kvaser Air Bridge wireless CAN bridges and a Kvaser Leaf v3 CAN to USB interface to provide an ‘out-of-the-box’ wireless diagnostics kit for a wide range of control systems. 

Applicable to maintenance, configuration and troubleshooting situations in applications such as heavy-duty vehicles, material handling, logistics, mining vehicles, construction equipment and agricultural machinery, the use of the Kvaser Air Bridge in this package particularly suits it to use cases where a traditional wired connection proves unsuitable or challenging to implement. 


The pair of Kvaser Air Bridges extends an existing CAN network wirelessly, forming a point-to-point link to ensure reliable communication between the two parties. Then, using the Kvaser Leaf v3, this extended network communication can be monitored, analyzed, and controlled. TKE’s CANtrace CAN diagnostics software supports CANopen and J1939 protocols and offers advanced features such as real-time tracing, CAN and CAN FD (Flexible Data) decoding, and plotting of CAN messages and signals. 

To find out more, please visit TKE Wireless CAN Diagnostic Package

*Please note that TKE Sweden AB supports Swedish customers with Kvaser products and TK Engineering Oy in Finland provides international support.