04/04/2021 by Kvaser

Solution with Q-Vision + Kvaser CAN/CAN FD/LIN

Fast development of intelligent networking technology in China, coupled with the driving forces for vehicle intelligent networking, has led to the vehicle intelligent networking becoming a mainstream development of the automobile industry. The demand by local vehicle manufacturers of a test software customised for the Chinese market, especially for ADAS(Advanced Driving Assistance System) tests, has become increasingly stronger. As such, Softing China has launched the Q-Vision software, which supports ADAS testing and can be customised and developed in line with the local automaker’s requirements.

As a world leading CAN solution provider, Kvaser is focused on advanced CAN hardware development. Widely applied in the developing and testing by major vehicle and auto component manufacturers, its CAN/LIN hardware products are robust, incredibly reliable and very cost efficient. 


Q-vision is a newly developed tool software, serving for CAN bus analysis, measurement and calibration, and ECU diagnosis, which has been widely adopted by automotive manufacturers.

Q-Vision supports CAN (FD), LIN, Ethernet, LVDS and other automotive systems, as well as CCP/XCP/UDS/OBD and other protocols, and is able to import databases in DBC/LDF/ARXML/A2L/ODX formats.


It supports the following ADAS test functions

  • Display the targeted sensor data of the test
    • GPS data (navigation information displayed on the map)
    • LiDAR lidar
    • RADAR millimeter-wave radar
    • camera, etc
  • Data fusion
    • Q-Vision is able to call external data algorithm through Simulink / Python interface, to fuse sensor data and display it in the same window

Kvaser Products

Kvaser provides more than 60 CAN-related products (also supporting CAN FD and LIN) for online data logging, simulation, monitoring, diagnosis, calibration, flashing of automotive networks.

Product Bus Type Interface Channel Connector t Script
USBcan series CAN/CAN FD/LSC/SWC USB multi DSUB9
Memorator series CAN/CAN FD/SWC/LSC USB multi DSUB9
PCI series CAN/CAN FD PCI board card multi DSUB9
Ethercan series CAN Ethernet 1 DSUB9
Blackbird series CAN WLAN 1 DSUB9
Airbridge series CAN FHSS modulated

2.4 GHz GFSK

Hybrid series CAN(FD)&LIN USB 2 DSUB9

Product Examples

Kvaser Leaf Pro HS v2

  • Support CAN FD
  • Quick and easy Plug-and Play installation
  • Support both 11-bit(CAN 2.0A) and 29-bit (CAN 2.0B active) identifiers
  • Power is taken from the USB bus
  • Galvanic isolation
  • High-speed CAN connection (compliant with ISO 11898-2),up to 1Mbit/s
  • Fully compatible with J1939, CANopen, NMEA2000 and DeviceNet
  • Timestamp accuracy up to 1µs

Kvaser Hybrid 2xCAN/LIN

  • Support high speed CAN (ISO 11898-2) up to 1Mbit/s and LIN 2.2A(ISO 17987 Part 1-7)up to 20 kbit/s
  • Capable of sending up to 20000 messages per second, per CAN channel
  • Supports CAN FD up to 5Mbit/s (with proper physical layer implementation)
  • Quick and easy plug-and-play installation; USB powered
  • Supports CAN 2.0 A and CAN 2.0 B active
  • Fully compatible with J1939, CANopen, NMEA2000 and DeviceNet
  • Supplied with Kvaser CANlib and Kvaser LINlib, free software APIs that are common to all Kvaser hardware and enable the channels to be configured intuitively and fast
  • Support SocketCAN

Kvaser Memorator Pro 2xHS v2

  • Monitor two CAN channels simultaneously using just one device and log data to an expandable SD card slot
  • Supports CAN FD up to 8Mbit/s (with proper physical layer implementation)
  • Script functionality allows users to develop customised t-script applications written in the Kvaser t programming language
  • Plug and play installation; power derived from the USB connection, CAN or an in-built power supply
  • Supports silent mode for analysis tools – listens to the bus without interfering
  • Detection and generation of error frames and remote frames
  • LED lights alert user to device status, including signalling a full SD card or card error
  • Built-in Kvaser MagiSync™ technology time synchronises with other Kvaser interfaces connected to the same PC, resulting in simpler and more accurate multichannel data capture
  • Compatible with J1939, CANopen, NMEA 2000 and DeviceNet
  • Support SocketCAN

Solution with Q-Vision+Kvaser CAN/CAN FD

The teaming up of Q-Vision master computer software and Kvaser hardware can fulfil the monitoring, data collection and analysis, diagnosis and calibration of CAN/CAN FD/LIN bus network. Depending on variating test requirements, you are able to choose different types of connectors such as DSUB9, OBDII, M12, etc., and monitor multiple nodes online simultaneously, which is an essential set of tools in the whole process of V-Mode development.


CAN(FD) Solution

CAN(FD) Data Collection
In the Q-Vision software, hardware devices can be configured in Device Configuration menu on Start page. According your requirements, you can choose CAN or CAN FD mode, configure baud rate and import DBC file.


The collected CAN (FD) signals can be displayed in the Trace window: to display CAN channel, CAN ID, names, DLC, data, time and other information. Q-Vision supports message filtering.


CAN(FD) Transmission
Q-vision supports CAN (FD) message transmission. It can select the desired CAN channel to send CAN messages and supports extended frames, up to 64 bytes DLC. Message data can be customised, or random data can be generated by clicking Randomize data.


CAN(FD) Statistic Window
After the CAN (FD) Chanel selects the corresponding CAN channel, it will measure and display the CAN bus load rate, including the maximum load, the minimum load, and the average load, as well as the data of bytes and messages.


CAN(FD) Replay recorded data 
Q-Vision supports adding asc message file for transmission, and can select file address and transmission time interval on the CAN channel to send out all data of the file.


Q-Vision is connected to data collecting equipment or bus network through a Kvaser communication card. It can analyze the data and generate cloud map online to complete cloud integration of ADAS test.

GPS Data collection
Q-Vision collects reliable GPS data and is able to achieve high accuracy positioning and image display.


Camera video data collection
Q-Vision is able to collect and display video data, which can be applied to monitor the external environment of vehicles easily. At the same time, the video monitoring can also be configured, according to the corresponding video format selected.


Ibeo lidar cellection
Through configuring the lidar IP and port number, displaying the top view with lidar data can be achieved.


With both Q-Vision software and Kvaser hardware products on board, the online recording, simulation, monitoring, diagnosis, calibration, flashing and other functions of various bus networks can be well achieved. And Q-Vision software also supports ADAS tests. For the automotive industrial, this new option in bus networks analysis is more reliable, faster and handier.