01/04/2021 by Kvaser

Specification for J1939 over CAN FD published

On March 22, 2021, SAE published the SAE J1939-22 document. This document is the latest addition to the J1939 set of standards for electronic controls within heavy duty vehicles, specifically incorporating the requirements of CAN FD.

Over a span of four years, a team of talented volunteer engineers, led by Task Force Chairman Andy Vlietstra of Woodward, created a ground up specification packaging J1939 data to take advantage of the increased capabilities of CAN FD.

Bryan Hennessy, Kvaser Field Applications Engineer notes: “This is a specification that will improve data communications within heavy duty vehicles throughout the world for decades to come.”

The J1939 standards are available for purchase from SAE directly at this link.

Get SAE J1939-22 Specification

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