21/03/2023 by Kvaser

Releasing the U100P X1, X2 & X3


The ‘Precision’ version of Kvaser’s U100 robust, single-channel CAN/CAN FD to USB interfaces has been expanded to include more connector options. The U100P, available initially with a DB-9 connector, now includes OBD-II, M12 5 pin and J1939 Type-II connector options.

The Kvaser U100P delivers advanced features for engineers working in system development and difficult troubleshooting situations. Building on the enhanced electrical and physical robustness of the standard Kvaser U100, plus its support for CAN FD, the U100P offers more precise, synced time measurements, the ability to listen to the bus in silent mode and make use of object buffers.

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Kvaser U100P-X1 (01269-1) – J1939 Type-II

Kvaser U100P-X2 (01270-7) – M12 5 pin

Kvaser U100P-X3 (01271-4) – OBD-II connector