21/03/2023 by Kvaser

Kvaser software: quality and reliability at no cost!

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Kvaser’s software does not get as much attention as our hardware, but it deserves to. The nature of software development is such that when it’s done properly, users don’t see it. Achieving this degree of invisibility requires investment: it may surprise you to know that our software development team is four times larger than our hardware design team.

In practice, our hardware and software development teams work side by side, sharing the same design ethos and mission: to achieve quality, reliability, and peace-of-mind for customers. This means that drivers and firmware are included in the price of your hardware, with all future updates provided at no extra cost.

Peace-of-mind for customers is achieved by making our products, including software, fully backwards-compatible. This helps future-proof your development efforts. For example, an application written in CANlib, our free SDK, is compatible with present and future hardware from Kvaser and can be used on another platform without modifications.

Whether you need drivers to simply get your Kvaser device working, or you are a developer that uses our hardware and software within a CAN or LINbus-based system, you can count on Kvaser’s software tools, a selection of which are highlighted below:

Kvaser Drivers for Windows
Windows drivers for all our CAN hardware. The package contains a virtual driver for a virtual CAN bus, for testing and evaluation when you don’t have access to a physical CAN bus.
< download Kvaser Drivers for Windows >

CANlib Software Development Kit (SDK)
CANlib SDK works with all Kvaser hardware platforms. It includes virtual hardware that can do just about everything our real hardware can. Download the kit and begin developing for any Kvaser hardware right away.
< download CANlib >

Linux CANlib SDK
Linux CANlib SDK contains our drivers and SDK for developing in a Linux environment, and can do everything our Windows development kit can do. Linux CANlib API makes porting Windows applications to Linux as seamless as possible.
< download Linux CANlib >

Kvaser REST API allows any device that supports HTTP to communicate with compatible Kvaser CAN interfaces (Kvaser Ethercan and Kvaser Blackbird v2). Use the Kvaser REST API to set the bit rate, read and write CAN frames and read error frames, filter and flush the receive buffer. Find the API and example code in CANlib SDK
< download the REST API Manual >