26/11/2015 by Kvaser

Quadruple your CAN connection capabilities with the USBcan Light 4xHS

New to Kvaser’s interface portfolio is the Kvaser USBcan Light 4xHS, a compact, reliable and cost-effective means of connecting four high speed CAN buses to a PC or mobile computer in applications as wide ranging as automotive, mining, marine, military, oil and gas exploration, military, industrial and heavy machinery.

USBcan Light 4xHS features the sleek, ergonomically designed housing that Kvaser products are renowned for and comes with galvanic isolation as standard. This USB to quad channel Controller Area Network (CAN) interface has a standard USB connector at one end and four high speed CAN channels in a single 26-pin HD D-SUB CAN connector at the other. The supplied HD26-4xDS9 splitter can be used to connect to four separate 9pin DSUB connectors.

USBcan Light 4xHS is supplied with CANlib, the software API that is common to all Kvaser hardware. Quick to programme once you have Canlib downloaded on the host computer, USBcan Light 4xHS is extremely simple to install and configure.

For more information on the USBcan Light 4xHS interface, please click through to: Visit for resources to help users get started with their devices quickly, included our Quick Start Guides for all products, Kvaser’s Developer Blog and Video tutorials.