26/11/2015 by Kvaser

Kvaser’s CAN FD IP plays important role at 15th iCC event

At the 15th international CAN Conference (iCC) in Vienna (Austria) on October 27 and 28th 2015, over 40% of CAN FD tabletop exhibitors used Kvaser CAN FD IP. In addition to Kvaser, Microchip, K2L and Janz Tec all used CAN FD (Flexible Data Rate) IP that has been designed in-house by Kvaser’s hardware development team.

At the event, Kvaser announced that Microchip, with whom it has worked closely to test and validate its IP, is integrating Kvaser’s CAN and CAN FD IP in future controller products destined for automotive and industrial applications. Kvaser also announced a strategic partnership with Synective Labs to commercialize its complete set of IP blocks for CAN FD, which are now available for FPGA and ASICs for non-strategic customers.

Presentations were made by Kent Lenartsson, Kvaser’s research manager, who spoke about a CAN FD filter for Classical CAN controllers, whilst Derek Sum, a Kvaser support engineer, discussed the pros and cons of a wireless replacement for cables in CAN networks. Kvaser’s president Lars Berno Fredriksson chaired the session on higher-layer protocols.