06/10/2020 by Kvaser

Kvaser’s September 2020 Software Release

Kvaser’s latest software release introduces a new J2534 dll that provides full support for CAN FD, as well as preliminary support for CAN FD for ISO 15765.

Notable changes and additions include:

Kvaser Drivers for Windows and CANlib SDK: The J2534 dll in this version now provides full support for CAN FD, along with preliminary support for ISO 15765 on CAN FD. All customers working with CAN FD are advised to update to this latest version of CANlib SDK. 

The API in CANlib v5.34 also provides a new way of setting bus parameters, allowing users to specify them using time quanta. Previously, bitrates were described as integers (whole numbers), so this change makes setting fractions of a bitrate easier. Users converting from the legacy KME24 format will benefit for improved RTC handling during conversions.

Kvaser Linux driver and SDK: Uninstall handling has been upgraded.

Python CANlib package: Support for the new time quanta centric bus parameter API has been added, as well as new helper functions to calculate the correct values. If you don’t use our Python wrapper, you’ll need to use Kvaser’s CAN Bit Timing Calculator and consult the CANlib help file, which has been updated accordingly.

Full release notes are available for download.

All files are available for download now on the Kvaser Downloads page.