26/02/2021 by Kvaser

Kvaser’s February 2021 Software Release

Kvaser’s latest software release extends support for CAN FD, such as virtual CAN FD and ISO-TP FD channels within J2534. A new autobaud programming feature enables sampling at high frequencies.

Notable changes and additions include:

Kvaser Drivers for Windows and Linux CANlib SDK
J2534 support now includes CAN FD and ISO-TP FD virtual channels, which will need to be enabled using the latest J2534 Options Tool.

An updated file handling API (kvDiag API) now allows developers to run autobaud programming to sample at high frequencies. See the new chapter in CANlib Help for details.

The SDK has been updated to the latest BLF format (, compatible with CAN FD. The new converter format ensures that users won’t set parameters that aren’t supported. For MDF4 files, a new feature ensures that no existing files will ever be overwritten.

A new predefined bitrate, with 80% sample point – better suited to CAN FD – can now be found within the IDE that’s included in Kvaser’s CANlib SDK.

Python CANlib package
Continued improvements to accommodate CAN FD, such as the new predefined bitrate with 80% sample point. If you are using CAN FD and haven’t yet updated to the latest version of Python CANlib, we suggest you do so.

SocketCan Drivers
Our Linux implementation has been updated according to SocketCAN’s most recent release candidate.

Full release notes are available and all files are available for download now on the Kvaser Downloads page.