29/09/2021 by Kvaser

Kvaser U100 available with M12, J1939, OBDII connections


The Kvaser U100, the most flexible, rugged and intuitive CAN / CAN-FD to USB interface we’ve ever built, just became more flexible. Application-specific connectors are now available, bringing the Kvaser U100’s high data rates, IP67 rating and innovative LED display to many more applications in harsh environments such as marine, heavy-duty truck and trailers and the wider automotive field. The new connectors are as follows:


Kvaser U100-X1 (01266-0) has a 9-pin J1939-13 Type II CAN connector.

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Kvaser U100-X2 (01267-7) connects to CAN via a 5-pole M12 connector.

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Kvaser U100-X3 (01268-4) has a 16-pin OBDII plug.

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All U100 models are designed for tough environments, with IP67 water and dust resistance, galvanic isolation tested at 5,000 AC voltage RMS for 60 seconds and an operating temperature of -40° C to +85° C. Both the M12 and J1939 Type-II connectors are also classed as IP67-compliant. Should the connectors ever need replacement, an authorized Kvaser party can do so without compromising IP67 integrity.

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