12/12/2019 by Kvaser

New Video Course: Get up and running with the Kvaser DIN Rail SE400S-X10

Kvaser has produced a short video course on our newly-released Kvaser DIN Rail SE400S-X10, a powerful DIN-Rail mounted four-channel Ethernet to CAN/CAN FD interface with support for digital, analog and relay add-on modules.

Designed as a complement to the information in the User Guide (available from the Downloads page), this guide will get you up and running quickly on the Kvaser DIN Rail SE400s-X10. The material covers the correct connections, power, and the latest firmware.

This course can be completed in half an hour and makes an ideal introduction to Kvaser’s new format CAN interfaces for rack-mounted systems.

What’s included:

Part 1 & 2: Introduction to DIN Rail, Definitions
Part 3: Hardware
Part 4: Firmware update
Part 5: Checking firmware (using a t-script file, provided).
Part 6: Connecting power
Part 7: First start up of Kvaser SE400

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