12/01/2023 by Kvaser

Tritech Solutions AB joins Kvaser’s TA network


Tritech Solutions AB, a distributor in the Scandinavian region with system integration and system configuration skills, has joined Kvaser’s technical associate network. With expertise in industrial IoT, AI and Machine Learning, among others, Tritech serves sectors that include test, telecoms, military, maritime, medical and retail machines, providing customised solutions based on common modules.

Ted Mattsson, previously with Sensors ECS, is now strategic account manager at the company. “Acquired by Addtech Group in 2021, Tritech is growing quickly, thanks to a strong reputation as a solutions provider.” Tritech’s customers range from those who simply buy industrial components and handle the assembly, to those needing fully-customised solutions, for which it cooperates with a design house. 

Kvaser’s products fit within Tritech’s wider industrial-oriented portfolio. Mattsson confirms: “As many of our customer’s end products are designed to operate for a long time, we need to have confidence in the products we sell, and with Kvaser we do.”

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