07/07/2021 by Kvaser

TKE adds Python scripting to CANtrace 3.18


CANtrace 3.18 supports now also scripting. This release of CANtrace introduces the new Python scripting functionality. Users can use additional Python scripts inside the program to extend the default functionality of CANtrace.

Scripts can be used to create, filter and modify signals dynamically for different uses. Descriptive example projects are also included in the public CANtrace folder.

J1939 database has been updated

The included J1939 database has been updated to use the latest version of J1939 Digital Annex at the time of release. Also support for DM2 and RQST messages and DTC decoding from DM1 and DM2 messages has been added.

New and Changed Functionality

Graph tab received an update where now the Y-Axis changes its precision dynamically. In the Trace window signals are now sorted by their start bit, from lowest to highest. Also a bug with duplicate CAN IDs from Primary DBC translation has been fixed for this version. In addition, a number of quality of life improving features and bugfixes has been implemented in this release.
A bug with uninstalling CANtrace while it’s running has been fixed in this version. Before uninstalling CANtrace the program must be completely closed. This ensures that all unnecessary files are deleted in the uninstallation process. Support for Windows 7 operating system has been ended in this release. This is because Microsoft ended their support for Windows 7 operating system on January 14, 2020.

Upgrade your existing CANtrace

Upgrade to this new version contact for questions and orders.

For users who have purchased CANtrace after 14.06.2020, the new version is free of charge. Download the new version and ask for a new license key.