23/01/2021 by Kvaser

Swedish automotive software specialist joins Kvaser’s TA network

On-board computer tuning by serviceman at garage

Diadrom Software AB, a wholly owned subsidiary of Diadrom Holding AB (publ), has joined Kvaser’s Technical Associate (TA) network. The company is a well-known automotive diagnostics software provider within Sweden and many of the Gothenburg-based company’s customers use Kvaser interfaces and dataloggers between their test tool and the device under test, primarily in the automotive sector, but also in medical and marine.

Diadrom’s software portfolio follows the complete product lifecycle with embedded software and tools that include communication stacks, bootloaders and cyber security, test automation and diagnostics, through to OEM aftermarket test.

Jonas Hellberg, Head of Product Development, Diadrom Software, a subsidiary of Diadrom Holdings AB: “We have supported Kvaser hardware for a number of years and see an opportunity to build out our ecosystem, providing one point of purchase for embedded software development projects. CAN features in many of our projects and with an evolution to CAN FD in applications such as radar, Kvaser’s strong reputation and experience in CAN and CAN FD helps us meet those customer needs with confidence.”


Diadrom CEO Carl Johan Andersson (right) and Jonas Hellberg, Head of Product Development, who’s company shares a similar open ethos to Kvaser.

“With open libraries and a free API, Diadrom has a similar ethos to Kvaser. The company has experience throughout the product lifecycle, creating systems that interact with R&D, production and aftermarket processes; something that we at Kvaser share. We welcome them to Kvaser’s ecosystem and look forward to a fruitful collaboration,” commented Silvia Kuller, head of European Sales at Kvaser AB.

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