14/02/2023 by Kvaser

Prosig UK joins Kvaser’s TA network


Noise and vibration measurement specialist, Prosig UK, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Condition Monitoring Technology Group (CMTG), has joined Kvaser’s technical associate network. The company’s data capture hardware and analysis software are used to refine and improve the performance of systems in the automotive, aerospace, advanced engineering, manufacturing, and power generation industries. 

Chris Mason, general manager of Prosig, explains where Kvaser’s products fit into their offering: “Some years ago we began making our own CAN data loggers, after customer requests to qualify vibration measurements with data from the vehicle. As CAN measurement became more complex, we focused on our core business and sought an expert partner whose products we trusted and who kept pace with CAN technology and related standards.” 

Like Kvaser, Prosig sells ‘open’ solutions, with plenty of import and export formats that ensure maximum flexibility for customers. There are also similarities in Prosig and Kvaser’s hardware design approach, with Prosig’s DATS noise and vibration measurement systems known for their compact size, rugged build and accuracy. The Kvaser Memorator is offered as an option to Prosig’s standard DATS package, with data automatically synchronised and integrated with Prosig hardware and available for viewing in real-time via their DATS-Acquisition software.

Automotive and aerospace remain the largest markets for Prosig’s services, but Mason sees growing interest in sectors like defence, where human response to vibration is increasingly considered in the design phase.