27/02/2024 by Kvaser

Stronger together: Influx packages K-TC thermocouple logger with the Kvaser Leaf v3

Influx Technology has packaged its K-TC Series thermocouple data logger with a Kvaser Leaf v3 interface and Kvaser T-Cannector to deliver a simple and streamlined solution to thermocouple logging. Pairing the K-TC Series with the Kvaser Leaf v3 assures reliable and future-proof compatibility, whilst the addition of the Kvaser T-Cannector provides a simple way to power the K-TC and add it to the CAN network.

The K-TC Series supports K, J, & T-type thermocouples and operates in three modes; Standalone data logging, Thermocouple to CAN, and USB to PC for live data. Galvanically isolated on the Power, USB, and CAN network, the K-TC Series belongs to Influx Technology’s stackable instrumentation range, which captures data from thermocouples, analog, digital and PWM inputs that is transmitted on the CAN Bus.

Kavasa and K-TC 8

The K-TC comes with free software; K-CAL and K-LOG. ​ K-CAL provides real-time data visualisation, data export in different file formats, and CAN and thermocouple configuration. K-LOG gives access to the logged data stored in the K-TC.

“By collaborating with innovative partners like Kvaser, we ensure our customers have access to the latest advancements in data acquisition technology. This collaboration will redefine the future of thermocouple data logging.” Lance Keen, CEO of Influx Technology.

Find out more about Influx Technology’s K-TC Series and Kvaser Leaf v3 interface package here.