29/05/2019 by Kvaser

New bite-size video series gives practical insight into CAN

CAN Basics

How comfortable do you feel about bit wise arbitration in CAN? Do you know the CAN basics? Kvaser has published a series of 9 video clips that together, provide a useful refresher course or introduction to CAN. Containing real world examples, discussion of common practice and an in-depth look at DBC files, this video series aims to provide a practical insight into CAN. The videos are hosted on Kvaser’s E-Learning platform, which is free for anyone to view, and each video is between 4 and 20 minutes long. 

Background information: The videos are based on a training event that was held in Gothenburg in January 2019 by Kvaser Technical Partner Manager, Bryan Hennessy. Prior to joining Kvaser, Bryan implemented CAN in the marine environment, so has many years of hands-on CAN experience. Bryan will carry out more live training sessions in different locations around the world this year. If you are interested in finding out more, please email Bryan at

Watch Programme 1