28/01/2022 by Kvaser

Microchip University course uses Kvaser hardware to teach CAN FD


Microchip University is using the Kvaser Hybrid 2xCAN/LIN interface, the Kvaser T Cannector and K2L’s OptoLyzer® Studio software in a free online Microchip training course for CAN FD network developers.

Designing and Implementing a CAN FD Network’ devised by Microchip specialist Wilhelm Leichtfried, CAN/LIN interface products applications team lead, combines discussion and demonstration to provide practical insight into topics such as MCU CAN FD peripheral configuration, database development, firmware, network commissioning and debugging.

“Learning the CAN FD serial protocol and studying the ISO 11898 standards can be a challenging task,” comments Leichtfried. “The CAN and CAN FD Protocol and Physical Layer Basics class teaches the CAN FD protocol in great detail. The Designing and Implementing a CAN FD Network class deepens the understanding of the CAN FD protocol by guiding the student through a complete network design. It takes a hands-on approach and incorporates answers to questions that were asked by students in the Microchip live classes. The two Microchip University classes together aim to teaching the student everything needed to successfully design their CAN FD network.”

Those who register for the free class can order the Kvaser CAN/LIN hardware kit at a special price. Details are available upon sign-up. 

Register for the free class here.

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