13/07/2021 by Kvaser

Comprehensive CANbus-to-Cloud Data Logging Solution

Are you looking to improve the operational efficiency of your remote assets and teams? Are you having difficulty deploying engineers to retrieve valuable in field data? Or to remotely isolate and diagnose faults Over-The-Air (OTA)? 

We have the perfect solution!

ODOSOLUTIONS AB (ODOS) and Kvaser AB have brought together a fresh perspective, unique collaboration, and advanced technology, in order to deliver next generation cloud connectivity and data logging for CAN (controller area network).

Introducing ODOS’ CloudCommander, a 4G-enabled data logger that integrates Kvaser’s well-known CAN interface hardware. ODOS’ Cloudsoft software platform, plus dashboard makes this a comprehensive CAN-to-Cloud data logging solution.

CloudCommander Features

The CloudCommander data logger combines the scale of Kvaser’s most popular CAN interface – the Kvaser Leaf Light – with the power of ODOS’ industry leading IoT Cloud Platform, to bring you a comprehensive CAN-to-Cloud datalogging solution:

  • Real-time CAN data streaming over 4G cellular connectivity to Cloud data storage
  • GPS tracking and 3-axis Accelerometer
  • Onboard UPS and memory buffer in the event of power and cellular connectivity outages
  • Native Kvaser Leaf (CANlib SDK) Interface and API
  • Rugged waterproof (IP67) field deployable enclosure with secure mounting location

CloudSoft Features

The tight vertical integration with award-winning CloudSoft platform and dashboard offers:

  • Remote real-time CAN data monitoring and analysis software
  • Over-The-Air (OTA) data-logger configuration updates
  • OTA Diagnostic Protocols on CAN (OBD2 & UDS)
  • Event based triggering to stream data, capture CAN traces and email alerts/reports
  • Virtual calculated CAN channels
  • Distributed team collaboration and data sharing platform
  • Plugins and REST API service
  • ASAM file formats
  • Certified to the most rigorous IT security and privacy (GDPR) legislation

System Overview


What’s more, the CloudCommander incorporates a Kvaser USB-CAN interface to support your existing PC Applications whilst simultaneously streaming data to the cloud for remote fleet monitoring and diagnostics support.

System Overview_PNG
PC apps

Next Steps

Simple, Secure and Scalable:  I know… how often do all your dreams come true?

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