03/09/2021 by Kvaser

CANautomotion uses Kvaser interfaces to put salt harvesters back to work


Salt harvesters are built to withstand the especially corrosive environment in which they operate. Like many highly-specialised machines, they are hard to replace and are expensive when you do.

With the main operating interface ageing due to salt crystal build-up inside the screen, this Australian salt mining company’s Caterpillar-based models were becoming inoperable. CANautomotion, a Kvaser sales representative based in Australia, was asked to install new operator interfaces, but without access to the original ECM program and J1939 library.

CANautomotion’s engineers used a Kvaser USB-CAN interface along with Warwick Control’s X-analyser 3 Pro software, a Kvaser Memorator Pro 2xHS v2 data logger and a CAN Crocodile contactless CAN reader to upgrade the operating interface. This article describes how they did it.

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