18/09/2023 by Kvaser

CAN XL for real-time control and efficient file transfer

CAN CiA September Newsletter 2023

This article by Kvaser’s research manager, Kent Lennartsson, published in the ‘CAN in Automation’ (CiA) international users and manufacturers group’s September 2023 newsletter, asks why engineers should use CAN XL, when 10Base-T1S Ethernet is around the corner?

Kent approaches the question from a physical layer perspective, comparing how the two protocols handle key issues such as how access to the media is secured, how their bit rates are defined, how to find the start and end of the user data and how each protocol protects the frame transmission protected from errors?

The article makes the case for both CAN XL and 10Base-T1S Ethernet, noting CAN’s particular suitability to real-time control, even with low demand on component tolerance, limited software and the use of low-cost cabling. With many subsystems with such characteristics, the new CAN XL protocol, he concludes, ‘provides an excellent compromise between small software, flexibility, cost, and performance.’