16/12/2016 by Kvaser

Whatever your data logging needs, Kvaser now has a Memorator to suit

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Kvaser AB has expanded its series of high-speed CAN to USB interface and data logging systems. The Kvaser Memorator 2xHS v2 (00821-2) is a dual channel, ‘intermediate level’ device that makes the perfect flight recorder due to its compact design. A step beyond the Kvaser Memorator Light (00513-6), our easy-to-use single channel data logger with no preconfiguration required, the Kvaser Memorator 2xHS v2 allows users to set up trigger points and filters that can be stored on a standard SD card, supplied with the device.

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For more advanced trigger and filter options, CAN FD compatibility, plus the ability to run user-developed programs, customers can now opt for the Kvaser Memorator Pro 2xHS v2 (00819-9) or Memorator Pro 2xHS v2 CB (00869-4). These ‘professional’ level data logging systems are the ultimate troubleshooters, enabling users to develop highly customised applications, such as CAN protocol converters, CAN gateways and advanced CAN logging functionality. In addition, they provide error detection and generation, silent mode operation, on-device buffering and boast Kvaser’s patented MagiSync™ technology, which time synchronises other Kvaser interfaces connected to the same PC, resulting in simpler and more accurate multichannel data capture.

The Kvaser Memorator 2xHS v2, Kvaser Memorator Pro 2xHS v2 and Kvaser Memorator Pro 2xHS v2 CB have two 9 pin DSUBs, and one USB connector. When connected to the host computer, they are in interface mode and when connected only to CAN, they are automatically in data logger mode. All Kvaser Memorator models have internal batteries that handle short periods of power loss during logging. Customers with embedded applications should choose the Memorator Pro 2xHS v2 CB, which is a bare board version that it is supplied without a housing and can be built into any system.