27/03/2020 by Kvaser

Warwick Releases Enhanced NMEA 2000® & SAE J1939 Features in X-Analyser

Warwick Control is pleased to announce the latest release of the powerful tool X-Analyser.  In particular this release has enhanced features for NMEA 2000® and SAE J1939.

X-Analyser will allow you to view Parameter Group Number (PGN) packets and compare them to raw CAN data, decode the packets into fields and signals and even look for harness/connector problems shown in the CAN electrical signal.  PGN fields and signals databases are embedded in X-Analyser and can be shown as values, gauges or graphically.

On top of this, the advanced transmission features allow the user to enter the data for PGNs using high-level signals such as engine speed or ambient temperature, instead of having to work out the data field values.  This means that the user can simulate the network behaviour for:

  • A single PGN
  • An entire device
  • Or many devices on a network

In addition, there is the following enhancements to the tool:

  • NMEA 2000® Fast Packet Protocol support for both sending and receiving of NMEA 2000® messages
  • NMEA 2000® PGN and Signal Database updated
  • Signal Panel and Message Builder support for symbolic values

X-Analyser also supports CAN, LIN, CANopen and CAN FD protocols.  It supports all Kvaser CAN and LIN interfaces, and the PicoScope 2206b.

You can find out more on or by emailing .


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