20/11/2020 by Kvaser

Warning: Counterfeit Leaf’s in circulation

Screen Shot 2020-11-19 at 13.34.26 PM

To ensure that you receive the high performance, reliability and longevity that you would expect from a Kvaser product, we are taking this opportunity to alert you to the circulation of counterfeit versions of our industry-leading CAN to USB interface, the Kvaser Leaf.

Kvaser AB’s legal representatives have taken steps to defend the Kvaser brand name and IP following the discovery of the counterfeits, sold by third-party sellers in China.

We encourage customers to buy devices only from Kvaser or our network of Qualified Sales Representatives (QSRs) which you can find a link to a list of available representatives below.

To be absolutely sure you have an original product and obtain additional warranty benefits, please register your device/s.