01/05/2017 by Kvaser

Part 2: t Script Roadblock Resolutions: 3 t script Resources You Can’t Do Without (Plus a bonus tip!)

We have been using t-Scripts to tackle a wide variety of cases lately. Here’s a list for a little inspiration for your projects:

  • handheld reflashing/recalibration tools
  • node simulators
  • CAN FD gateways with data encryption
  • light Hardware-In-the-Loop controllers

With each project, there are hurdles to overcome, and it seems like we consistently revisit 3 resources. Let me share:

Kvaser’s Examples

Yes, t-Script examples are included (and hidden!) in their SDK (you can download the latest SDK from Kvaser’s site here). After installation, you can find them in this Windows directory-> C:\Program Files (x86)\Kvaser\Canlib\Samples\tScript. You will find examples from the ubiquitous “Hello World” sample to more niche samples that walk you through how to use a Database Container File (.dbc file or DBC file), and File I/O. Make sure to check out the Learn More/Misc subdirectory as well.

t Language Manual

This is the handbook of t The easiest way to access it is to open up TRX (the t Script IDE) click on “Help” from the upper toolbar, and select “Open the Kvaser t Language Manual.”

printf Function for Debugging

This is a life saver for tracking down any problem you run into. You can use simple implementations of this like printf(“Reached Condition A”); to make sure a code block is reached.

BONUS TIP for those of you using a Memorator: if you experience a non-responsive situation when running your t script, and the device stays powered up after you disconnect the USB from your PC, the device is stuck in a continuous loop that you have somewhere in your script!

Hope this helps you on your journey creating killer t scripts!

This is one of a series of posts by Judson on using t-script to its fullest.

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Judson Brundage

As owner of Exclusive Origin, based in Florida, USA, Judson Brundage provides test and diagnostics hardware and software to the automotive industry. With an in-depth knowledge of CAN and automotive HLPs, he’s a highly-respected problem solver to the automotive development community.