01/12/2023 by Kvaser

Kvaser unveils a compact embedded board with four distributed CAN modules

kvaser_m2_black_040923 kopiera

Kvaser’s smallest embedded board is now available. The Kvaser M.2 PCIe 4xCAN (01333-9) has four distributed controller area network (CAN) transceivers, adding high speed CAN/CAN FD to any host computer with PCI Express connectivity and an available B or M keyed M.2 slot.

This CAN interface board has a particularly compact footprint, thanks to an M.2 card size of 22 x 80 mm and industry-leading height of just 2 mm. Unique to the Kvaser M.2 PCIe 4xCAN is that the CAN transceivers are distributed (off-board), allowing them to be located closer to the CAN networks themselves. This layout maximises signal speed and integrity, making it ideally suited for CAN FD.

Each CAN module connects to the M.2 card using 30 cm long PCB-to-PCB cabling. The distributed CAN layout is particularly suited to systems with enclosures. As each CAN channel is individually isolated, optimal galvanic isolation can also be assured. This board’s operating temperature is within the standard industrial range of -40 to 85oC.

With a time stamp resolution of just 1 μs and a maximum message rate of 20000 msg/s per channel, plus advanced features such as silent mode, error frame detection and generation, this advanced board with distributed CAN transceivers can be integrated in a wide range of embedded systems. Examples range from motor control for mobile robots, automated driving simulation black boxes, to CAN data acquisition in medical automation, fleet management or industrial system monitoring.

The Kvaser M.2 PCIe 4xCAN board’s exceptionally small and ultra-slim footprint is a natural progression of our PCI Express range, responding to calls from customers for off-board transceivers,” comments Martin Sventen, CEO of Kvaser AB. “Multiple boards can be combined to provide 8, 12 or more CAN channels within a very small footprint. We see some very exciting use cases for our boards in this format.”

Kvaser’s free-of-charge CANlib SDK can be used to develop software for the Kvaser M.2 PCIe 4xCAN. Programs written in CANlib, which supports Windows and Linux, are fully compatible with present and future Kvaser hardware

More information about the new Kvaser M.2 PCIe 4xCAN, including full performance and technical specifications, can be found at the product page.

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