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Kvaser launches new website; promoting total CAN solution

Kvaser’s website becomes a portal for finding the perfect CAN hardware and software

Kvaser AB is proud to announce the launch of its newly designed website, which goes live today, Tuesday 25th February 2014, and is located at the same address;

With a clean, uncluttered, mobile-friendly look, the main change has been to simplify the path to finding CAN hardware and software. Working with Kvaser’s worldwide network of Technical Associates and Qualified Sales Representatives, Kvaser has developed an invaluable resource for anyone looking for a total CAN solution, listing software alongside the hardware that is core to Kvaser’s business.

Customers use Kvaser CAN interfaces in a multitude of ways e.g. for data acquisition, calibration, network analysis and rapid prototyping, and in a host of industries that include automotive, trucks and buses, industrial and aerospace. It is now possible to quickly identify just the right Kvaser CAN interface by selecting from a range of characteristics that include channel count, error handling, buffer type and temperature range.

Finding appropriate third-party software is just as easy, with the ability to narrow a search by functionality and industry type. Our software selector also acts as a guide to finding the right partner for custom engineering services, as many of Kvaser’s Technical Associates have expertise in specialist fields, such as J1939 or NMEA2000 protocol stacks.

Commenting on the new website, Michael Odälv, Executive Vice President, Director Marketing & Sales at Kvaser AB said: “Kvaser’s CAN interfaces are a valuable part of a CAN solution, but they are not the whole story. Kvaser is committed to providing open solutions that ensure easy toolchain integration, allowing engineers to concentrate on the job in hand rather than worrying about whether their hardware works with a particular software environment. Our Technical Associates provide software the works out-of-the-box with Kvaser hardware, so it’s our hope that the new website facilitates customer’s choice, in both their hardware and software decisions.”

Kvaser’s website is divided into four main sections: About Us, Products & Services, About CAN and Support. The contents of the ‘About CAN’ education section, which – going by historic web traffic – is well-used by customers and non-customers alike, have been optimised and visitors will now be able to follow a ‘CAN Protocol Tour’ that provides a logical introduction to CAN and its higher layer protocols. Customers will also find that the ‘Where to Buy’ tool is easier to use, providing a quicker and more efficient route to our worldwide sales channels.

Kvaser has long prided itself on the strength of its Support, which is free when you buy a Kvaser interface, along with software and software updates. In addition to contact details for our Global Support team, we have enhanced our Downloads and Developer sections, so that users can quickly drill down to what they need – whether it’s a development kit or driver, product schematic or User Guide.

The website will be updated on a regular basis, with news of events, product launches and new applications-oriented content. Please feel free to contact us to let us know your feedback and sign up for our newsletter whilst you are there! Visit to find out more.

About Kvaser:

With almost 30 years of CAN development experience and more than 60 CAN-related products to its name, Kvaser AB ( is the CAN expert, bringing its deep knowledge in the field of CAN to industries that include Automotive, Avionics, Building Automation, Domestic Appliances, Hydraulic Equipment, Industrial Automation, Maritime, Medical, Military, Railway, Telecoms and Textiles.

Kvaser is headquartered in Mölndal, Sweden, with regional offices in Mission Viejo, CA in the United States, and in Shanghai, China. Kvaser AB also has a global network of highly knowledgeable Qualified Sales Representatives and Technical Associates. To find the nearest Kvaser supplier to you, please visit

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This is an old post, the current Marketing Director is Anna-Lena Lööf.

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